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Bioidentical Hormones Austin, TX



When your body’s ability to produce hormones is disrupted—such as a natural decline with age—you may notice a difference in how you feel.

For patients with a hormone imbalance, hormone therapy may help provide relief from challenging symptoms. When balance is restored, and hormone levels are optimized, the entire body can function at its full potential.

Changes in your hormone levels can cause unwanted symptoms such as fatigue, depression, insomnia, hot flashes and mood changes. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is used to treat symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances. BHRTs are hormones that are structurally identical to that found in the human body and are derived from a natural source.

Your hormones play a major role in a surprising number of your body’s processes and functions. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies tend to produce fewer hormones than they did when we were younger. That’s true for both women and men. And as a result, we can wind up with some pretty unpleasant symptoms. The good news is, hormone replacement therapy can help replenish our hormones, restoring natural levels of these important chemicals to relieve symptoms and support our bodies’ normal functions. And for many people considering HRT, BioTE® hormone replacement therapy is the best treatment option. Here’s how it could help you.


BioTE is a hormone replacement treatment that uses pellets, tiny cylindrical-shaped supplements that are inserted under your skin. The pellets release precise doses of hormones over time, so your body receives a steady stream of hormones for optimal function. The time-release aspect of BioTE pellets means hormones are delivered and distributed in a manner similar to the way your body distributes the hormones it produces naturally, which means there’s a far lower risk of side effects.

BioTE uses bioidentical hormones, synthetic hormones that have the same chemical structures as naturally produced hormones. Bioidentical hormones are processed by your body and eliminated in the same way as natural hormones for better effects and fewer risks. The tiny implant is inserted under your skin and replaced every three to six months, depending on your specific needs. Implant placement is performed right in the office in just a few minutes using a local anesthetic. Both estrogen and testosterone implants are available.


  • Improves energy levels

  • Improves fat loss and muscle tone

  • Improves sex drive

  • Improves mood

  • Improves memory and concentration

  • Improves sleep

  • Decreases skin wrinkles

  • Protects bones from osteoporosis

  • Eliminates night sweats

  • Eliminates hot flashes

  • Eliminates vaginal dryness and itching

  • Eliminates pain with intercourse

  • Reduces risk of heart disease



  • Increases muscle mass and tone

  • Improves energy levels

  • Improves exercise endurance

  • Improves fat loss and muscle tone

  • Improves sex drive & performance

  • Improves memory and concentration

  • Improves sleep

  • Decreases joint pain and muscle aches

  • Improves bones strength

  • Improves cholesterol levels

  • Protects against heart disease

  • And Much More!

At Austin Medspa, we are able to access your unique needs rather than a one size fits all approach. A full evaluation of the patient is critical and includes proper lab tests, examinations, and discussions of symptoms to identify the appropriate treatment approach. Plus, we have our own lab services that accept most insurances so be sure to contact us today to learn how we can help with your hormone needs.

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