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Hi there…this is a new format, where now you can make comments on the bottom :)

This is the Image for the Our Location Page.  I like how it shows the whole house.

Our Location

You could do a slider on the top or bottom also.  I’ve only worked on the photo crop of the house, but could do the same on your other images so it will show the whole pic and clean it up a bit.


I like this Contact Us Page, because it prompts people to ask about Products and Gift Certificates.  It also looks legit.  Let me know your thoughts:

Contact Us

New Suzette Pic on Meet the Team:


Just a thought regarding your Meet Our Team Page.  It means getting rid of title like your Location page, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  Your branding is good without it.  I really like the Austin Med Spa branding behind you.  Note to self in future…get rid of the tree.  I could honestly pain it out there if you want.  But I have OCD!  ;) :

Meet Our Team

and meet my latest obsession with your home page image. These are 3 different images to choose…but I think these would be stunning.  I like the idea of having it be pretty large on your home screen to be eye catching!  Even if we get a bigger image on your other picture….it was really difficult getting out the “noise” behind her hair.  These…will be top quality. Obviously…it’s 100% up to you!  I do think she’s stunning and looks very spa-ish!  My pic?  I love the one in the middle

home3 home4_purebeauty_istock35747258 home5_purebeauty_istock35733184

Just checked on the pricing for buying a larger image off Corbis.  ideally, we would need the medium, we could maybe work with the small. Cra-cra.


AustinMedSpa HomePage Banner

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